“A warm retro sort of rockabilly sound that speaks to your heart and dancing feet, evoking the emotion you don’t get from modern pop songs”
City Beats

About Us

Bamboozle combines singer/bassist/songwriter Serena Sykes, lighting up the stage with her dynamic performances, electric vocal and daring double bass stunts, with internationally renowned singer/guitarist/songwriter Jim Knowler (The Keytones, Gotz Alsmann), injecting his exciting and instantly recognisable guitar riffs. Together they bring a wealth of musical experience and innovation to the stage. The line up is completed by stylish drummer/vocalist, Jax Titmus, bringing her rhythmic ideas and energetic performances.

Known for their musicianship and high energy performances, Bamboozle bring a whole new experience to the world of music. Their alternative sound calls to mind a cross between the uncompromising vocals of Hayley Williams, the raw diversity of Chris Isaak and a splash of the attitude and fire of Tina Turner. Serena’s electrifying vocal performances soar above Jim’s thrilling guitar riffs and Jax’s driving drum beats to create a sound that is both unique and unforgettable. Altogether, Bamboozle delivers a heady blend of fun, post-rock and ominous Americana that is both nostalgic and deeply modern.

Their live performances are nothing short of explosive, with their dynamic style and distinctive sound earning them a dedicated and almost cult-like fan base that crosses all genres. Bamboozle is a high-energy fusion of old and new, drawing on the rich heritage of rock ‘n’ roll while forging a path forward into unchartered musical territory. With their dynamic sound, infectious energy and undeniable talent, Bamboozle is a band that is well worth experiencing first-hand.

In the Press

“…the future looks Bamboozled”
Slap That Bass Reviews

“…the talent and musicianship on display here has set the bar very high.”
UK Rock and Roll Magazine

“Great musicianship, a super rockin’ vibe and a stellar set from the four piece. Excellent.”
The Bettajive Review

“…a very fun, uplifting, melodic and cool retro outfit who deliver a jangly 50’s-esque sound that gets you swinging in the aisles. We predict big audiences having a lot of fun and dancing to this in the streets. What a refreshing change from the usual pop rubbish out there.”
Chasing Tunes

“…a warm retro sort of rockabilly sound that speaks to your heart and dancing feet, evoking the emotion you don’t get from modern pop songs. Well worth a listen and should be on some B Movie soundtrack.”
City Beats

“…amazingly sweet but ruff and ready vocal harmonies, thumping retro Pulp Fiction/Beatles type beats and shimmering bouncy guitars. All we can picture is a roadhouse with some pretty girls drinking milkshakes while eying up The Fonz or Archie…..we love this it’s classic and it hits our Groovy barometer at 10/10.”
Groove Magazine

“Mayhem is their stunning new double A-side single and its oh so good! Well worth adding to your 45 collections, highly recommended.”
Slap That Bass

Promo Videos


Bamboozle Main Band Promo
Bamboozle 'Jimmy K'
Bamboozle 'The Bass Pixie'
Bamboozle 'Drummer Jax'
Bamboozle 'Alternate Band Promo'
Bamboozle 'Bass Standing'
Bamboozle 'Press Shot'
Bamboozle 'Live' 1
Bamboozle 'Live' 2
Bamboozle 'Live' 3

Festivals / Clients

Silverstone Festival
Big Feastival
Silverstone Classics
British Racing Drivers Club (Formula 1)
Brands Hatch Racing Events
Chickenstock Festival
Twinwood Festival
Founders Day – Royal Hospital Chelsea
P&O Ferries
The 100 Club
Goodwood Revival
Crazy Coqs
Wimbledon New Theatre
The Hideaway
Relocate Magazine
Pizza Express Jazz Rooms
Shboom Festival (Italy)
Hells Mafia BBQ Meet (Austria)
Feel the 50’s (The Netherlands)
Summer Jamboree (Italy)
Maidstone Fringe Festival
Faversham Beer Festival
Billy in Bottendaal (The Netherlands)
Summertime Swing
Retro Jardin (Belgium)
V8 Brothers Festival (Belgium)
War & Peace Festival
Vintage Nostalgia
Boogaloo Promotions
Festival of Vintage
Poppy Appeal
Snetterton Circuit
Oh So Retro
Midsommer Jamboree (Finland)
Visteon Engineering
Nottingham University
MOS Amsterdam
University of East Anglia